COVID-19 Social Distancing Technology


Built specifically for the Film, TV and Broadcast industry a technology that allows staff and visitors to maintain social distancing.

Legal / Contractual

  • Technical support to allow you to acquire or licensee content
  • Content Protection Schedule (Generation, Completion and Negotiation)
  • Technical training for Legal and Business teams

Forensic Watermarking

  • Solution design
  • Testing / Benchmarking
  • Technical vendor evaluation




Security and Anti-Piracy

  • Virtual Security officer
  • Proactive solutions to counteract piracy
  • Threat assesement
  • Solution security review
  • Eco System security testing


Easing your path

Content Protection Experts have been working in the Film and Television industry since 1992, during this time we have built up real hands on experience on how Film and Television content is made, sold,  re-versioned and delivered to consumers.

We truly understand content and the evolving world of securing it. To achieve this we've built up trusting relationships with the content security officers who are responsible for generation of Content Protection Schedules and Questionnaires. In this way we can asses your systems and quickly negotiate security provisions within contracts.

Whilst our world may be highly technical we pride ourselves in the way we simplify these communications to legal and business development teams.

Next Steps...

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